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The Savills Asset Management team has hands-on, holistic approach through our specialists across the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. With a strong record of maximising returns on investment, minimising operating costs and protecting risk, both investment and owner occupied assets benefit from expert real estate management services. The team consistently achieves rental and occupancy levels well above market and can clearly demonstrate asset protection and risk minimisation.

  • The Asset Manager shall be responsible to ensure assets are maintained in a good leasable condition.
  • Conduct viewings, handling / taking over of the properties, maintaining and preparing the properties for fresh tenancies and recovering the properties in good order upon expiry of the lease.
  • Liaising with Government authorities, leasing service providers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, auditors, maintenance contractors and insurance companies, on matters relating to the properties.
  • Provision of monthly management report
  • Reviewing and advising property tax assessments for objection or appeal
  • Filling for property tax vacancy claims
  • Attending to complaints, queries and suggestion received and to keep records of all feedbacks
  • Holding and maintaining all licenses and registration required by law



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