Leasing & Brokerage

We lease all types of residential properties both for corporate as well as for individuals.

What do we do?

Our residential leasing team is made up of highly skilled leasing consultants and corporate tenancy managers. They all have in-depth knowledge of the Singapore residential market and have been carefully selected to ensure you benefit from our exceptional service.

How do we work?

Our style is both personal and attentive. Working closely with our clients, we screen and select properties suitable for their needs in terms of location, size and budget. Once the property has been identified and selected we will proceed to negotiate optimum lease terms including commencement date / rent free period, break clauses and decoration requests. In addition, an important part of this process is to provide orientation and relocation assistance to families moving to Singapore for the first time.

Who do we work for?

Individuals and corporations who are either moving to Singapore for the first time or looking for their next accommodation.


Key contacts

Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong

Executive Director, Head of Residential Leasing, Ad-hoc Sales & Private Office

Savills Singapore

+65 6415 3878


Angeline Tan

Angeline Tan

Residential Leasing & Ad-Hoc Sales

Savills Singapore

+65 6415 7330