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Identifying the best places to study

How the Savills student city ranking is calculated.

Using the Times World University Rankings Top 400 2012-13, we have identified the top European student cities by student numbers and institutions (Table 2). These towns and cities are home to the best established and highest performing institutions, with strong domestic and international student bases. These 119 locations represent the most secure investment opportunities, and form the basis of this report.

For each city we assessed the student population and the amount of dedicated student accommodation provided (both public and private). This was used to calculate the student housing provision rate for each city (student population / number of beds), which was then adjusted for the average rate of student housing provision within that country.

We also calculated the average rent for student accommodation, based on those European universities appearing in the Top 400. These include both private and university accommodation provided in each city.

This was then overlaid with a strength of market indicator, assessing the quality of institutions in the city, the cost of living and country tuition fee levels.



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