We provide advice and analysis to clients in Singapore, with combine experience in residential, office, retail and industrial property markets across the region.

Each team is dedicated to their specific discipline, with unrivalled reputations for providing accurate and timely analysis, research and commentary on all sectors of the market.

Being a well-established and independent team, our advice is always honest and clear. Each project is treated individually, whether working on behalf of a developer, investor, housing association, bank, or public sector group.

Related Services


Commercial Research Consultancy

We provide advice and analysis on the office sector on an array of issues from locational analysis to the forecast of demand, supply, rents, prices and yields on a macro and micro perspective. We also bespoke feasibility studies for clients.


Residential Research Consultancy

We provide advice and analysis on the private residential sector on matters ranging from sizing of units in a development, preferred launch prices, expected take-up rates, feasibility studies and other statistics that aid in business decision making.


Retail Research

We provide advice and analysis on the retail sector pertaining to feasibility studies, shopper traffic and demographic analysis, demand, supply, rental, price and accessibility analysis.


Industrial Research Consultancy

We provide advice and analysis on the industrial and business park space sector into demand, supply, rents, prices, rent versus purchase feasibility studies, yield, market segmentation of industrial and warehousing space by location and use types.