Frequently Asked Questions

Can a subsidiary proprietor, who is not a member of the management council, attend council meetings?

Can a subsidiary proprietor improve the common property outside his unit with plants, trees or shrubs in the estate's common garden?

Can a owner hang laundry in the balcony or in the garden for drying?

Can a resident keep pets within the unit?

What is common property and why am I responsible for repairing the section of leaking water supply pipe after the water meter?

Water from the bathroom in the upper unit has been seeping through my ceiling and causing damage to my unit. As the floor is common to two units, is it the duty of the Management Corporation to rectify the defect?

Can I install an air-conditioning unit onto the outside wall of my unit?

Our building needs painting but there are not sufficient funds in the owners corporation's bank account to cover the cost. What can we do?

I want to use the swimming pool at 11.30 pm but the secretary of the owners corporation said I cannot. Is this enforceable?

I cannot attend a general meeting but want to send someone to vote on my behalf. How do I do this?

The visitors car park lots are usually vacant. As a resident owner - can I park in that space?

I have some issues that I want addressed at the next annual general meeting. How can I have my issues raised at the meeting?

I have some issues I want addressed by the management corporation. How can I have an extraordinary general meeting called?

Can I attend the Annual General Meeting if I am not an owner?

There are some works that I would like to be carried out at our strata building. How do I get the management corporation to consider the proposal?

We have many records covering minutes of meetings and financial statements over the past 5 years. Can we dispose of some of them?

I have outstanding interest charges which are unpaid. Can I attend the annual general meeting and pay the outstanding interest on the spot?

I am a tenant in a strata building. Do I have a right to attend meetings?